What we do

The programme focuses on women (perinatal), the children (paediatric) and the youth (adolescents). This island-wide programme involves teaching, clinical patient care, operational research as well as community outreach and public service.

  • The treatment and care of the mothers and children (babies) is being provided by the general health staff at the island’s hospitals and clinics, assisted by the programme director as well as a specially hired and trained programme coordinator working with eight nurse managers, a psychologist, data manager, data entry clerk and an administrator.
  • The team is involved in advocacy to improve the quality of care for women, children and youth and destigmatise HIV/ AIDS in the community.
  • This team contributes information about the patients and the programme to an island-wide database. The information in the database remains confidential and is used for reporting purposes and to track the outcomes of interventions.
  • The team has organised regional trainings on several occasions to provide updates to the health care team island wide on changes in HIV management.