Client readiness for ART

Client readiness for ART (check your national ART guidelines):

It is important that a client be ready to start taking ART. Module 8 contains more on adherence preparation and support, but these are some key issues that should be addressed before a person starts ART. Remember, these are not all mandatory for a person to start ART, but are highly recommended to help the person be ready!

·       Wants ART and is committed to taking it correctly

·       Received pre-ART education and counseling (there is more on this in Module 8)

·       Understands that ART is a lifelong commitment

·       Understands and accepts possible side effects and how to manage them

·       Understands the value of disclosing to at least one person

·       Has a treatment supporter or “buddy”

·       Has an adherence plan

·       Has had any previous non-adherence issues to care or medicines addressed as part of the adherence plan

·       Has support to address any psychosocial barriers to adherence

·       Will accept a phone call or home visit from a Peer Educator, community health worker or health care provider if she or he misses an appointment at the clinic