Antenatal Services

Routine Antenatal care

  • Antenatal care should begin at less than 12 weeks pregnant. 
  • Women should have a minimum of 4 antenatal visits in pregnancy
  • Folic acid is recommended for women planning to become pregnant and in the first trimester.
  • Iron and folic acid supplementation is recommended throughout pregnancy
  • Blood tests at first visit: Haemoglobin, Syphilis, HIV, Blood group and rhesus and sickle, Hepatitis B &C at first visit
  • Health education should include: signs and symptoms of pregnancy, HIV and STI education, safe sex, importance of clinic attendance, nutrition and healthy lifestyle in pregnancy, infant feeding, avoidance of medication  not prescribed by your physician, birth registration, care of the infant and parenting.
  • Complete history and examination
  • Immunisation against diphtheria and tetanus at first visit, 28 weeks and 32 weeks
  • Repeat Blood tests at 32 weeks: Haemoglobin, Syphilis, HIV
  • Partners are encouraged to accompany mothers to antenatal clinic