Family Planning

Family Planning allows a couple to make choices about the number and spacing of their children.


Having a child who is anticipated, wanted and loved by both parents.
Planned pregnancy allows the mother to optimize her health and well being prior to pregnancy and leads to better health outcomes for mother and baby.

Contraceptive Methods

Barrier Methods
Male Condoms Female Condoms 


Spermicide  Contraceptive Sponge  
Hormonal Methods
Pills  (Combined or Progestin only)  Injectable Contraceptives (estrogen & progestin monthly injections, 2 or 3 monthly progestin injections)  
Contraceptive Patch Implants   Contraceptive Ring
Levonogestrol IUD    
Intrauterine Contraception - IUD (Copper T & Levonorgestrel)
Permanent Contraception
Male Sterilisation  (Vasectomy)       Female Sterilisation  (Tubal ligation)  
Natural and Fertility Awareness Methods
Abstinence Fertility Awareness Methods   Withdrawal 

Special Considerations

Dual Contraceptive Methods

The use of two contraceptive methods, usually a hormonal method and condom use has been shown to be more effective for preventing pregnancy and also prevents Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Sero-Discordant Couples

Sero-Discordant Couples are couples in which one partner is HIV infected and the other is HIV negative. These couples may wish to have child(ren). Their options include:

  • Adoption/ fostering children
  • Surrogacy
  • Limiting unprotected intercourse to the most fertile period in the female’s cycle when the viral load of the infected partner is undetectable.

Talk with your health care provider about reducing risk to the uninfected partner while trying to become pregnant.

For more information on each of these contraceptive options, visit the links below:

For a comparison of the efficacy of different methods, visit the link below:

Visit your nearest health centre or your health care provider and discuss which method is right for you.
You may also contact the National Family Planning Board:


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