How to Use a Female Condom

Some women really like the female condom because it gives them more control over their own bodies and over sex. Some men like it too because they don’t have to use a male condom.

The female condom is becoming more affordable and available to women in many countries. These are the main steps for using a female condom.


Steps to use a female condom:

1. Look at the condom package and check the date to make sure it is still good and that the package does not have any damage.

2. Open the packet. Do not use your teeth.

3. Find the inner ring at the bottom, closed end of the condom. The inner ring is not attached to the condom.

4. Squeeze the inner ring between the thumb and middle finger.

5. Guide the inner ring all the way into the vagina with your fingers. The outer ring stays outside the vagina and covers the lips of the vagina.

6. When you have sex, guide the penis through the outer ring. It has to be INSIDE the ring.

7. After the man ejaculates (comes), before the woman stands up, squeeze and twist the outer ring to keep the semen inside the pouch and pull the pouch out.

8. Put the used condom in a latrine or bury it. Do not put it in a flush toilet.


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